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I am.
And I am called Kayla. I’ve been on the planet for almost 21 years now and currently reside in Muncie, Indiana.

I believe in a lot of things. Us. Life. Humanity. Peace. Understanding. Ethics. Physics. Metaphysics. Karma. Supernatural. Purpose.

I practice compassion, yoga, awareness, and learning each and every day.
I’m at ease and at peace.

If you want to know me, I want to know you. Just shoot me a message; I will talk about basically anything. I’m sure we can build experiences from encounters.

Everything happens for a reason, including you reading this.
Take chances :)

Ask me anything! :)


Anonymous said: Kill yourself, youll be doing the world a favor

I don’t know why this is still in my inbox because I thought it got deleted when I blocked yo ass. But anyway anon if you want a response you’ll have to go look at my last post.

Kayla out.

One last thing before I go

To the anon I just blocked who sent me hate recently (my first anon hate message whoopie),

Thank you, hateful anon, for your insightful (though poorly punctuated) message telling me I should kill myself because I’d be doing the world a favor. The following responses have been generated just for you:

  1. Okay, you first!
  2. Say it to mah face!
  3. Hateful Anon Lvl 1 uses Rude Message! It’s not very effective…
  4. Opinion duly noted. I’ll take it into consideration never.
  5. -soulfully croons- Do you really want to hurrrrt meee? Do you really want to make me cry?
  6. -Dons a superhero costume and strikes a majestic pose.- It was in that moment that I knew…I had found my archnemesis! GRAYFACE, prepare to be vanquished!
  7. -Surrounds Anon with salt and begins performing an exorcism.-
  8. -Contemplates the nature of the universe and ponders if maybe it is some powerful deity’s idea of a joke to spawn random hateful messages from unknown entities, but ultimately decides this is a stupid conjecture. Everyone knows rudeness is the result of an underdeveloped imagination and below-average heart size.-
  9. I would, but I think I’d rather just take a nap instead.
  10. If you think these answers are ridiculous and not worthwhile to post, then you know how I felt when I stumbled upon your message in my inbox. Luckily, I am not one to follow poorly executed commands attempting to get me to end my own life, and instead decided to issue this rebuttal. I don’t know who you are or where you get off on telling people to kill themselves, but I can tell you that at least your effort here has failed. I won’t give you the pleasure or do myself the disservice of ending my life just because some nameless asshole who probably doesn’t even know me said so.

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I don’t want to do this anymore. This is not okay. When will things be okay


Ariana Grande

Ariana Venti

Ariana Tall


We mix our drinks. @kaleven11


We mix our drinks. @kaleven11

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posting a selfie that gets less than ten notes


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Find the voice with which your heart speaks.

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“Have I always only gotten sound out of one headphone?” A memoir.

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